Friday, 6 April 2012

Soup by Blind Melon

A curious affair, Soup is quite possibly the best album Blind Melon produced. But was it worth the trouble behind it? Just watching the music video for Galaxie reveals vocalist Shannon Hoon is on the edge of sanity; no doubt due to the drugs he had consumed. The Duke is opiate-laced psychedelia with a gorgeous aesthetic while the ode Vernie is a 60's take on the Grunge movement. Lyrically each song tells a different story; Skinned is about infamous serial killer Ed Gein, 2x4 is about the horrors of rehab while New Life is an optimistic look at Shannon's baby daughter. There is a sense of triumph shining through the darkest moments of this album... maybe that's why the sudden passing of Shannon Hoon was so unexpected and painful.
There is no other album like this and for good reason.

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