Sunday, 28 August 2011

On the Beach by Neil Young

Released in 1974, On the Beach is one of Neil Young's more depressing efforts where he combines bitter pessimism and a stoned outlook on the future that threatens to fufill its despairing promises.
Listening to this album is like walking down the rainy beaches into the sea without looking back. Bleak songs like See the Sky About to Rain invade the psyche and chokes any lingering happy thoughts. Though side 1 is balanced with the upbeat Walk On, they pale in comparison to stoned sadness of On the Beach or the masterpiece Ambulance Blues where Neil Young admits 'It's easy to get buried in the past/when you try to make a good thing last'. It's unrelenting even to the most hardcore Neil Young fans. Subjects tackled on this album include Charles Manson, the oil industry and cynicism which is a far cry from the Cinnamon Girl era which now feels like a million years ago.

Personally, I think this album deserves a listen. I am sure every Neil Young fan feels the same.

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